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Don’t try this at home: Why software engineers shouldn’t build chat in-house

Before I helped co-found SendBird as the Chief Technology Officer, I built chat as a feature for two products. Both

Harry Kim Chief Technology Officer

Map preview and location sharing on Android

Sharing a user’s location in a message with a digestible map preview. Easily coordinate offline interactions between service providers and

Alex Preston
Alex Preston Solutions Engineer

How SendBird’s user roles and permissions help you moderate chat

Permissions hierarchy and roles to empower your users to moderate and manage conversations. User roles determine what a user can

Alex Preston
Alex Preston Solutions Engineer

On-demand: A guide to implementing chat

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Read Status for Messages and Users

Time dependent information users need to jump in and out of conversations and easily find their place. Read receipts and

Jason Allshorn
Jason Allshorn Solutions Engineer

Enabling push notifications, snooze, and Do not disturb in SendBird

Push notifications are essential for any app with chat and messaging because users receive messages from people they care about,

Imju Byon
Imju Byon Solutions Engineering Manager

SendBird Ranks No. 38 on Y Combinator Top Companies List

Y Combinator has updated its list of the top 100 companies that began at the famed accelerator program. As a

Mark Lee
Mark Lee Vice President of Operations

How to use webhooks to build real-time features and link API services

With SendBird’s chat framework, you can easily design, build, and customize the perfect chat or messaging solution for your app.

Astin Choi
Astin Choi Solutions Engineer

Layer to SendBird Migration

Since Layer announced it will shut down its chat service on October 30, we’ve created a set of resources to

Jed Gyeong
Jed Gyeong Software Engineer - Applications (iOS)

Migrating chat made easy with Sync Server

Introduction Part of the challenge of migrating from one chat provider to another is not having a live migration solution

Rommel Sunga
Rommel Sunga Solutions Engineer